There are 6 areas for Ruling as Queen:

# 1 Prepare

In preparation I want to talk about ‘femininity.’ according to Esther 2:12 before a young woman could take her turn to go in before King Xerxes, she had to complete twelve months of beauty treatments—six months with oil of myrrh and six months with perfumes and cosmetics. Therefore your attire, hair and nails must be on point.

#2 Personality

Let your personality shine through and be yourself. According to Esther 2:15 everyone who saw Esther liked her.

#3 Potentate (King)

Seek the heart of the King God and he will lead you into a successful life. According to Esther 5:3 “what is bothering you queen Esther? What do you want to ask me? I will give you anything you ask for, even half my kingdom.”

#4 Position

As Queen that title represents power, influence and authority. According to Esther 2:17 King Xerxes put a crown on Esther’s head and made her the new Queen.

#5 Purpose

You have to find your purpose and in discovering your purpose you have to stay single minded to fulfill it. According to Esther 7:3 then Queen Esther answered, “King, if you like me and it pleases you, please let me live. And I ask you to let my people live too. Queen Esther’s purpose was to be Queen and save her people the Jews from death.

#6 Party

When you are in your purpose you can enjoy your life so go to a party and enjoy! You took the path less traveled and now you are walking in you purpose so it is time to enjoy. According to Esther 9:19 on this day they have parties and give presents to each other.

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