Have you ever woke up and realize you are living a lie?

Have you ever woke up and realize the career path you are on isn't something you wanted to do? You realized it was put on you from someone else.

Have you ever woke up and realize you partnered in a business with the wrong person?

Have you ever woke up and realize your employees, your trusted manager, bookkeeper, financial advisor was or is stealing from you?

Have you ever woke up and realize your friends well who you thought were your friends has been telling your secrets you told them in confidence? You realized your best friend has a best friend.

Have you ever woke up and realize the friends you hung onto where the wrong ones and the ones you got rid of you should have kept? I testify to that. Oh well. C’est la vie.

Have you ever woke up and realize you married the wrong person? Did you watch Will Smith on his wife’s Red Talk Table Show? He stated he went to go meet the woman of his dream Jada at the taping of A Different World and he spotted another woman who he ended up marrying. And one day out on at restaurant with his first wife he realized he married the wrong woman he went in the bathroom and started crying then laughing. She later divorced him and then he was able to marry the woman of his dreams. Queens check that out two parts to it, it’s very powerful raw and real also a tearjerker.

Have you ever woke up and realize?

Have you ever woke up and realize you fill in the blank there?

Awake O Queen from slumbering! Arise and sit on your throne to decree!

When she woke up

Awake O Queen from slumbering arise

While you are going through life half woke people, the enemy is stealing your dream and replacing it.

Awake O Queen from slumbering arise

Discern what is in front of you see the deception

Awake O Queen from slumbering arise

In this season of the Great Awakening you are waking up to reality or you woke up to reality and you feel like you should go back to sleep because you have been shook. It seems like you were jolted and even jilted. You have been shaken to your core. You have been sifted and shifted. You are shattered. You may be crying at this point but do you know that's okay cry girl! Come; lay on my shoulder let it all out. Go deep like Chris Stapleton’s Sometimes I Cry. Hey I will cry with you. I had that awaken experience in my own life but my saving grace my redeemer my helper was God that guided me on the right path. The things He showed me I was like it’s going to take another twenty years to fix the twenty years I lost but nope His grace accelerated me and he showed me things to do that took less time to do and for things to manifest for me quicker. Do you know that I got joy they call it unspeakable joy. I say ridiculous joy. Through the betrayals, setbacks, sabotage, attacks, lies, deceits, abuse, mind control, people trying to discredit me and my work, people putting their agendas on me using me as their puppet. Do you know I have joy? What the heck? It’s all because of God of this joy it is internal baby! That reflects externally. When I should be crying at that thing, circumstance I am laughing because the joy of the Lord, it is my strength. He says I got you Dy? He says in his word if I be for you who can be against you. Yeah God knows how to clap back. Slap some people for me. God go gangsta for those He loves for those who honor and love Him. He got my back. He takes vengeance for me and he will do it for you to Queens.

Zephaniah 3:19 ERV At that time I will punish those who hurt you. I will save my hurt people. And bring back those who were forced to leave. I will give them praise and honor (fame) everywhere. Even in places where they suffered shame.

So this is going to be deep

Let’s delve into today topic I found this when I was reading 1 kings 3 I will paraphrase for you. Solomon was just promoted as king and he asked God for wisdom so in his first act of ruling he was presented a case where two women who were roommates that were pregnant at the same time and gave birth in the same week. The woman who had her baby first the baby end up dying because of crib death well actually it said she rolled over on him when they sleeping unbeknownst to the other expectant mother. So when the other mother gave birth and had her child laying next to her in the night the grieving mother took that woman’s child and replaced him with her dead son. So when the new mom Woke Up!!!!! to check on her son she was grieved she thought her child died during the night but when she looked closer she Realized!!!! that wasn’t her child.

1 Kings 3:21 ERV in the morning I woke up and was about to feed the baby when I saw he was dead. When I looked at him more closely, I saw that he was not my baby.

A mother knows. A mother knows. She had been bamboozled, hooked winked. She knew. Instead of trying to argue she took that chick to the king. She presented her case and Solomon decided. Both women were claiming this living child as theirs. So Solomon decided that he would have the living child cut in half to share amongst the two mothers. The grieving mother said yes but the actual mother of the child decided to let her have him instead of seeing him put to his death. Then right then and there Solomon knew who the real mother was. Case closed.

Courts of Heaven So Queens I present your case to the King, the King of the Universe, God, El Shaddai. God who is Judge. So every accusation against you, every lie, every attack, every thing hindering and distracting you, every person hindering and distracting you, every person putting their agenda on you, every setback, every sabotage, every betrayal, deceit, abuse, mind control, every person trying to discredit you and your work, everything stolen from you, everything destroyed and died and etc that I just can’t name them all but God is all knowing He knows your individual circumstance your individual case so it has to bow in Jesus Name. God’s verdict over you is victory and triumph. He declares a compensation award for you of restoration restoring the years the enemy has stolen, killed and destroyed from you. His reward of restitution is double for your trouble. God’s verdict for your enemy is vengeance he has release his vengeance upon them he said you will get to see their demise.

Habakkuk 2:7-8 ERV Strong man, you have taken money from people. One day they will wake up and realize what is happening, and they will stand against you. Then they will take things from you, and you will be very afraid. You have stolen things from many nations, so they will take much from you.

Queens it's time to put on a show! Fix your hair baby or adjust your wig, touch up your make-up, put your high heels on, put your robe on, put your crown on girl. God has prepared you a table, come dine. I know they see you girl. God said he has prepared it in the presence of your enemy. Now just smile and wave. Now I want you to point at the splendor on that table to them yell out over to them and say "This is the Lord's doing."

So as your counselor to stay woke and never let this let this happen again I suggest that you set aside 30 minutes a day with God preferably first thing in the morning before you get on that phone, internet etc. Wake up early if you have to. Take 5 - 10 minutes read a chapter a day start with Proverbs the wisdom book after you read it ask God what does that chapter pertain to you He may show you areas you need to change, follow etc. Reading the word helps get you in the place to hear that small still voice from the Holy Ghost. Then take 5 - 10 minutes and just sit and listen for God. Then in the final minutes journal what you are hearing and seeing.


The Goldberg’s show

Titled Mister Knifey-Hands

October 24, 2018

Narrated by Patton Oswald

So often we are afraid of things

Because they are different from what we know

But when we learn to embrace the unfamiliar

That's when we can truly grow

Shed the old versions of ourselves

And leave our comfort zone behind

Because in the end the things that scares us the most

Can bring us closer than we could ever imagine

That's when our dream really do come true.

Queens let's go on this journey together in a sisterhood, queenhood, army of queens, culture of queens in the unknown We Be Woke Now yes we were tricked we were bamboozled but girl we are on our throne and we aren't getting off of it unless we are being with our Boo and in that case we are relying on our loyal and trusted cabinet team managing our Queendom for us.

Remember Queens God 1st, our Boo 2nd, our children 3rd, our time 4th - you know the you time the self-care, then our business/purposes 5th and then all the rest next.

Queens the vision for us all along is for our businesses to be the leverage for our purpose or purposes, you renaissance woman you. We have a cabinet team managing our Queendom which expanded into a Queenpire having our businesses working for us making the money to fill our large purses while we are able to spend time with those we love and personally fulfill our purposes impacting communities globally.

Peace Queens!!

Dy Wakefield, The Queen of Wealth Advice™ is an Author, Speaker, Radio Host, Tax Strategist, Social Entrepreneur and Network Marketing Expert. Using her experience in business through failures and success with over 20 years’ experience in accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation, Dy has successfully empowered women business owners to “birth out” their business dreams.