Intro by Dy


Intro by Dy

Queens and Kings,

This course is to show you that you can be healed and made whole from SEXUAL ABUSE.

I will share my experience of being sexually abused, sexually harassed and sexually assaulted and how God set me free and made me whole to be me a silly, singing, dancing, actress, comedian one woman show chick. Oh yeah I must not forget Business Queen, pilot in training, radio host, belly dancer, author, poetic etc.

This course will share the importance of SEX in marriage while you are healing because sex heals.

This course will help be mindful of ticks and triggers that come up from the sexual abuse and how to fight back.

This course will also show you that you have to decide to be healed and be made of whole from sexual abuse so you can enjoy your husband or wife sexually.

Much Healing,

Queen Dy